Vasthu Feng Shui Ge

Vasthu Feng Shui Ge
Vasthu Feng Shui Ge
Product Description

On an Environmental level, it has the ability to instantly transform any negative, stagnant or “dead” orgone (chi, life force energy) into its “positive” life-sustaining form. It will absorb all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment.

Use  room healing  pyramid orgonites  when ever  feeling stressed, worried ,vampire dreams,or angry  in particular rooms. Place one on each corner  and feel the negativity being sucked out. it’s such a quick energy cleanser and they’re also very pretty to have around healing room.Once in a  week  leave them under sunlight for solarization  of sun energy.

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